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Redefining Music Across All Genres

At ClassX Records, we are more than just a record label and production company; we are architects of timeless music. Founded on a vision of nurturing talent and creating songs that resonate across generations, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and innovation in the music industry. From pop to rock, jazz to hip hop, our mission is to produce classic records that make history.

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Our Founder


Martin-X, the heart and soul of ClassX Records, brings over three decades of multifaceted experience in the music industry. With a career spanning more than 17 years in singing, songwriting, arranging, and composing, Martin-X is a virtuoso who plays multiple instruments, including piano, keyboards, and drums, mastering music both from memory and by ear.

A Journey of Transformation

Born Martin R. Hardy in St. Louis and later migrating to Los Angeles, Martin-X’s journey is one of redemption and profound change. Amidst early challenges, including struggles with addiction and multiple incarcerations, it was the support from his brother and the community at “Positive Directions Equals Change” that transformed his life. Today, Martin-X not only leads ClassX Records but also contributes significantly to the healthcare field, helping others overcome their own struggles.

Industry Impact and Collaborations

Throughout his career, Martin-X has collaborated with both rising stars and established icons, including Smokey Robinson, Charlie Wilson, and members from Destiny’s Child and Motown Records, to name a few. These collaborations have not only enriched his experience but also deepened his understanding and influence in the music industry.

Our Philosophy

At ClassX Records, we believe in the power of music to transcend boundaries and bring people together. We are dedicated to discovering and promoting new talents, supporting them through every stage of their artistic journey. Our philosophy is simple: create music that lasts a lifetime, and support artists in making their indelible mark on the world.

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